The Duomo Sambuca Range

1 - Duomo Sambuca

Classically Italian for that pure anise hit or mix it up with pure apple
juice and ice for the perfect serve.

2 - Duomo Raspberry Sambuca

Proving a big hit, this distinctive Sambuca delivers a sweet hit of raspberry. Serve with cranberry for a sophisticated, longer drink.

3 - Duomo Liquorice Sambuca

Distinctive and intense, liquorice is a popular choice. Add cranberry
for a refreshingly different taste.

4 - Duomo Violet Sambuca

Designed to complement the two flavours that already perform well
in the on and off trade sector (raspberry & liquorice Sambuca).
Violet is a forgotten flavour, ripe for the younger, retro market.
Combine with ginger ale for an altogether different taste sensation.

5 - Sour Apple

A firm favourite flavour here in the UK. Very green, slightly sour but most of all a very fresh green apple flavour prevails. Sour Apple Duomo is great straight or super refreshing served over ice with lemonade.

6 - Fruit Medley

A balanced blend of berry fruits combined with the perfect anise content. Lorenzo Inga was able to ensure the true flavours of the berry mix were each distinguishable on the palette. The mix of berries remains a secret although a clue lies in the vibrant electric blue colour...

7 - Summer Pear

Why is it Red? Summer Pears have red skin - it’s that simple, and guess what? Duomo Sambuca Summer Pear tastes great too! Try straight as a shot or mix long with ginger ale.