Combining the flavour of Amaretto with Sambuca, Samburetto™ is something completely different. Delivering a full and satisfying flavour, Samburetto™ takes the richness of Amaretto and combines it with the sweet anise of Sambuca. This unique fusion of ingredients provides a taste sensation guaranteed to be a hit with your customers.

With a wide appeal, Samburetto™ has been launched at a time when both Amaretto and Sambuca are experiencing strong year on year growth (26% & 20% respectively).

Riding high on the popularity of these two Italian classics, Samburetto™ delivers a richly satisfying drinking experience that’s as versatile as it is unique.

Three ways, one unique spirit

The Original

Serve long with coke – a twist on an old favourite with added depth.
(Traditional Amaretto & cola contains 3.1% volume with Samburetto™ that increases to 4.2% giving the consumer a more fulfilling experience which is proven to boost sales.)

The Usual

Serve straight as a shot as favoured by the traditional Sambuca drinker.

The Refined

Mix it up with Appletizer for a longer, more refreshing serve.