Nonno Tano - The Very Original Fruit Amaretto

Nonno Tano is the original fruit amaretto, lovingly named by the Italian Inga
family after a special grandfather. Inspired by the Caribbean and originally
created as Golden Amaretto di Libarna by Elio Inga in the 70’s, this liqueur
gained popularity in both North and South America. Now relaunched,
Nonno Tano is a magical blend of traditional amaretto and a medley of ripe
Mediterranean orchard fruits. This delicious liqueur is great mixed as a long
drink, blended in cocktails or even poured over vanilla ice cream.
Serving Suggestion: Straight over ice, with lemonade and ice or even as
a fruity addition to Italian deserts.
Tasting Notes:
Apricot introduction followed by sweet ripe peach and almond with
a vanilla and robust almond finish.
Case Size: 6 x 70cl
ABV: 28%

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