My Grappa Barrique

The finest Italian Grappa produced using Dolcetto, Barbera, Moscato and
Nebbiolo varietels, expertly blended by Lorenzo Inga and aged for a minimum
of two years in French oak barrique  barrels. My Grappa Barrique is best
served in a snifter glass as a “digestivo” to aid digestion after a heavy meal,
perfect when drank with dark after dinner chocolates.

Serving Suggestion: Straight and warm in a snifter glass.
Tasting Notes: Fruity nose, smooth and full bodied with a warm, mellow
long lasting raisin finish

Case Size: 6 x 50cl
ABV: 43%


Vanilly in Sicily


Fruity Italiano

Sicilian Spice

Nano Tano

Peachy Perfection