Straight Up Drinks LimitedStraight Up Drinks Limited

With a passion for spirits and a discerning eye on the market, Straight Up Drinks was founded by entrepreneur and industry aficionado Darryl Piper. Having forged a relationship with a fifth generation heir of one of Italy’s finest spirit producers, Straight Up Drinks has a UK exclusive relationship with one of the largest bottling plants in Europe.

Importers of premium Italian Sambuca, Straight Up Drinks have launched two very unique flavours into the UK market – namely Violet and Samburetto™. The spirits market is on the rise, with Sambuca sales up by 20%*. As drinking habits and tastes change, Straight Up Drinks is at the forefront, bringing to market a unique product of the highest quality. Guaranteed to capture the customers’ imagination, the Duomo Sambuca range widens the appeal of this traditional spirit, expanding the market and delivering a healthy boost to your sales and profitability.

* Source: Nielson – MAT w/e August 2008